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2020 Range Riders Calendars are Here!

Why Calendars?

We have been in business since 1989 and have sold over 1 million calendars. You could say we are calendar people…

Done right any marketing program can be a success, you have many option as a business owner.

We wanted to throw out hats into the ring and tell you why our Range Riders can really be hit with potential and long time customers alike.

Calendars & Your Brand


A calendar serves as a point of reference viewed
countless times a day. It says something about us
when we display it in our space – telling the world
where we live, what we like, how we work, or what
is meaningful to us.


The display of your calendar, by your customer,
is a personal recommendation of your brand to
anyone who sees it. When a person demonstrates
loyalty to a brand, others may think they should
buy that brand, too.


To cut through the clutter and reach its audience,
a brand must be personally relevant. The
functionality and visual appeal of a calendar
gives your brand added relevance, while subtly
overcoming the inevitable “tune-out” that occurs
when people are bombarded with thousands of
messages from every direction, in every medium

Range Riders and You! A Winning Combination!

Give us a call at 1-800-657-2149 to reserve your calendars now!

See a quick sample of the 2020 calendar below.

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Free Calendar Signups Craziness

We provide Western calendars to businesses across the county. Using mostly telephone we reach out to potential customers that have shown interest in our calendars.

Around 10-15 years ago we thought it would be nice for people browsing our website. Searching for calendars for their business to be able to request a sample instead of using a mail-back card we would send first through snail mail.

We had NO idea over 70,000 individuals would signup all wanting a free calendar!!

Kerby Studio circa 1995

We’ve since got a lot better at taking care of the signups, but then we started getting thousands of request a day and had a hard time tracking where they were coming from.

After researching, somewhere in the ballpark of 20 freebie sites started promoting our offers to their users. Which is Great! Because we have made some awesome customers from them searching for calendar samples for their business.

One Problem

We still want to serve the individuals that are signing up wanting an awesome calendar at a fair price.
I understand it looks like we’re trying to dupe people into signing up, but the truth is we are a family business with an awesome product that we want to see thrive.

If you’re still reading this, we appreciate you and are glad you’re here. Welcome to the Family!!

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Merry Christmas 2018

First we wanted to wish everyone the most prosperous and joyous New Year!
Also we want to thank you for the true honor and privilege to being able to serve you and your customers for so many years.
This is a very special time of year for us and just want to share some of the things been going on the last few weeks and months.

The 2020 Calendar is Nearly Complete!

We’ve also been working the fields just like some of you!

Meet the Team!

But it hasn’t all been work… We’ve had a wedding in the team!!

Mr. & Mrs. Cody Tucker!

Now to you?

How has the year been? Any big plans for Christmas? Would love to hear from you! Have a Merry Christmas and a Blessed 2019!!